New warning hopes to prevent more victims from falling prey to online scams

We’d like to warn our customers of yet another computer scam floating out there and hopefully it will prevent many of you from becoming victims. It’s a slightly newer version of an older scam.

The scam involves the victim seeing a screen pop up while online telling them that their computer is infected and when the victim calls the number the scam artist will answer as a Microsoft employee making the victim think they’re legitimate in order to gain remote access to the victim’s computer. Once they gain access, the scam artist will then infect the computer with Malware, load fake virus protection and then will set up a Microsoft profile on the computer that the victim is unable to remove or even log into.

If the victim tries to load any software or remove any software (even from the Programs & Features list) it will continually pop up with the fake Microsoft profile asking for the password to add or remove software. The Malware will also remove the victim’s normal login profile admin rights as well. The user then is forced to have to reformat their computer’s hard drive to get rid of the profile. In one case the victim tried to remove the malware using protection they already had on their computer but then the software will disappear from their program folder. The scam artist will also use the opportunity after infecting the computer to scam the victim out of further money via wire transfer from their bank account so it is advisable to not keep any banking information on a computer that is connected to the internet. In one case thankfully, the bank the victim does use called them to let them know that the scam artist attempted to wire transfer of quite a sum of money from the victim’s bank account and that it was stopped by the victim’s bank.

The following phone numbers are used to scam the victim:



It’s also important to note that the scam artist will also load
remote access software onto the victim’s computer so they can continue to gain
access to victim’s system.

One other scam we also want to make our customers aware of is when a victim is contacted via email by a fake company called American IT Sales And Services claiming that the victim has purchased a San Disk IXpand 256GB flash drive, an Apple Lightening flash drive, and other items that they never ordered. They list their number as 416-524-6165 which is a number listed as being located in Toronto, Canada. We recommend that you continually check your bank statements for any unauthorized charges to your account and report it to your bank’s fraud department. We hope this rather lengthy post will protect our customers and even those who aren’t yet customers from becoming a victim of these scam artists.

If you need help solving your computer or IT feel free to give Panther TEK a call at 480-980-8541.

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